• Image of Parallel Lines - White Fur /// Black Cathedral
  • Image of Parallel Lines - White Fur /// Black Cathedral

Parallel Lines ( /// ) is a Canadian improv-instrumental jam band comprised of Eric Quach (Destroyalldreamers, thisquietarmy) on guitar from Montreal, Ryan Ferguson (Sianspheric, Electroluminescent) on synthesizers from Hamilton & Pascal Asselin (Below The Sea, Millimetrik) on drums from Quebec City.

In 2011, these guys met at Christ's Church Cathedral in Hamilton, Ontario to record their next album, which will now be made available as the first release on Oaken Palace Records. Eric Quach’s typical, haunting guitar sounds blend with spaced-out synth loops and pulsating drumming, creating a sonic landscape that leaves you with a bright and relaxed smile on your face. This is music to dream and drift away, a must-have for fans of Quach’s solo projects and, in fact, for everyone who enjoys psychedelic music!


A - White Fur (17:10)
B - Black Cathedral (18:07)

This record is dedicated to polar bears. All proceeds go towards a large polar bear conservation group.

All releases on Oaken Palace Records are produced by a Gold Standard carbon-neutral and ISO14001-certified company. The sleeves are made of 100% sustainable paper, and non-toxic printing colours are used.

Limited edition of 300 on 180g white vinyl.
All records come with a free download code.